WICKED: adjective; evil or morally bad, mischievous or playfully malicious.
REASONING: noun; the process of forming conclusions, judgments.

Wicked was born in 2010.
It’s your regular slice-of-life webcomic, with opinions, rants and situations that occurred to myself or the people close to me. And, you know, video games obviously.
At first I thought about making a CGI comic, but then I figured drawing it would be more fun. The unfortunate first comics were made using my computer mouse, until I bought a tablet. It eventually became what you see today.

About RAE SC
Birth name Raquel (read Ruh-kelle)
Often a victim of misspellings and mispronunciations so i go by Rae.
(but go ahead and call me whatever pleases you)
Born Portuguese, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, raised in the misty mountain of Sintra, currently living in West Side London.
I’ve studied Film and TV production and, since then, always worked in the telly.

If somehow you haven’t realised it yet, I’m a bit of a nerd. Besides comics and turtles, my biggest hobbies are video games, old media and travelling.
I like to write on my blog about these, and I also have a small Youtube channel that I use to share my adventures in the retro/indie game world.
Feel free to check them out if it suits your fancy.


wickedreasoning (at) gmail.com