website / comic updates

3rd July 2016

This has been a really long hiatus. It started because i had really no physical time to sit down and draw, and then i just kept postponing it.
It never occurred to me to stop making comics entirely. But Wicked is coming to it’s 6th year and posting has been inconsistent.
This doesn’t really work for me, so i needed to get back on track. I needed to find an upload schedule that worked for me, my full time job and side projects.
That also meant giving a good look to the website itself.
I used ComicPress since I fist made this website, it had things I like and things i didn’t. The things I didn’t sort of grew over time. Most importantly, it was very mobile unfriendly and there was no good way around it. (It should be now, though!)
Because I removed ComicPress, I had to re-upload every single comic.
And the comics themselves also had a major clean up. That means all filler comics, like the ones saying ‘Happy 201X’, and a few others i rendered useless, are gone. It made no sense for me to leave them.
That also means they are no longer numbered (and this took it’s time to edit out too), which was something that never really made sense in the first place, because there really is no order to read them.
Wicked will now be a monthly comic (because that’s a schedule I’m sure I can keep)
If i manage to make enough comics ahead to secure the following 6 months, i will make it bi-monthly. But don’t let me get ahead of myself, there are still a few things I’d like to improve.

Re doing the website’s look also took a lot of trial and error (your friend here is no web designer). It looks satisfying enough for now, but i will tweak a few things in the future.

25th January 2014
Other comics

Now the ‘Video Games‘ page has actual comics, not just links!

6th November 2013
New stuffs

If you noticed WR to be down lately, or looking really weird, it’s because i’ve been changing it around. It took me a couple of days, first because i have a job, and mostly because i’m playing PokemonX/Y and watching Breaking Bad last season while at it.

Here’s a list of new stuff:
. Thumbnails/links for related comics under each post to make it easier to browse around.
. You can now ‘search’ Wicked Reasoning!
. Every game related comic are now tagged to each title (for example, to look at every WoW comic, you click the WoW tag) for some reason i had most of them tagged only ‘videogames’
. The’BLOG’ part is now NEWS with site news only! (such as this) and i’ll bring the blog back later on a separate site (cuz i need teh blogz)

About the mobile version, wordpress is pretty anal with image sites for mobile phone so you have to wait a little bit more until i figure it out.

Keep in mind i’m the only person running this website and that my html knowledge is limited and most of the times it’s a trial and error thing. If you noticed some bugs or errors please help me by reporting them! :D

4th February 2013
Woo-hoo! New website!

Hello everyone!
Well WR’s website is one of the reasons i haven’t made any comic last month. Besides work, it took a little more trouble than i expected to put the website together and all the older comics in order.
It’s still pretty much under construction but i’ll try to finish all the pages (and tidy it up) soon, and also allow Facebook comments.

Please be patient as i am still trying to get it all nice and pretty.

Now back to comic making! :D